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The Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium

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The Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium is one of the football qualifiers for the 29th Olympic Games. Its nickname is "Water Drop".

Located in the southwest of Tianjin, it has become a landmark building in the coastal city of Tianjin. 

This stadium covers an area of 80,000 square meters,

The total construction area is 158,000 square meters, with complete functions and advanced facilities. 

The main structure of the stadium is 407.3 meters long from north to south and 284.6 meters wide from east to west.

The elevation is 53 meters, with 518 rostrum seats, 272 press seats, and 60,000 auditorium seats.

Equipped with auxiliary facilities such as stores, exhibition halls, conference halls, gymnasiums, etc., 

it integrates leisure, entertainment, fitness, shopping and other functions.

The competition venue is designed with 8 400-meter elliptical tracks, and one straight track can be used for football and track and field competitions.

In addition, large-scale theatrical performances, assemblies and exhibitions can also be held in the venue.

It is currently the home stadium of Tianjin TEDA Football Club in the Chinese Super League.

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